Data Scientist in the making...
Supply Chain Professional

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Supply Chain & Operations

I've worked with a wide range from SMEs to Global Companies in Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing (more to come)


I understand the business starting from the Shelf all the way back to the Production line making sure the right pruduct at the right quantity was always on-shelf (or at least a good approximation was nearby)


I know the importance of selling with Better Data Faster than anyone else. It's not only about getting the correct information, it's also about helping make educated decisions on time with it.


DataDaySG Presetantion

Mapping Census Data in R

Coursera´s Data Science Specialization Capstone Project

Industry Analysis: The Fastener Supply Chain in Aerospace Industry

About Me

My adventure into Data Science started long time ago when I had to create my first =IF() formula in excel. With time, datasets have become larger, complex... so have the formulas needed to get something out of them...

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Toronto, Canada
Hermosillo & Monterrey, Mexico